Embassy of Brazil in Brussels – 2020

When hap becomes language

Simonetta Persichetti

Guita Soifer has the curiosity and the desire to bring something beyond of what we are used to see. This does not become reality from an innovation of a technique or technology, but in language. By resuming the art in Xerox, she recreates something already done in the 1970s, but with a new guise and intentionality. She brings originality to what cannot be unprecedented. Her creative moment is made of repetition, of exhaustion to find what satisfies her, what she believes may bring a questioning look and it may add an air of doubt to what we are seeing.

Guita Soifer started in painting, but it was in photography, and reproducibility, that she found her way of expressing herself, precisely because of the possibility of repeating, revising, reproducing and rediscovering.

Nothing better, therefore, than appropriating the technology of reproduction: the Xerox machine. If at first it seems that everything is the result of hap and solution of a non-thinking machine, when we see the choices and Guita’s edition, we realize that it incorporated hap as a form of language. She purposely lets the machine run over its first creation: shadows and colors keep forming, distorting, creating new images, new shapes and silhouettes. But it is Guita’s creative principle that stands out, what she wants to show is what is finally shown. And what you see is the artist’s own personality: quivering, restless, curious.

Guita somehow seeks to bring us something new that will mess with our perception and gaze; She challenges us by presenting the trivial in an unusual way, the known in an innovative way, the simple in a complex way. She inquires and leads us to see what the eyes are used to.