Alfredo Andersen Museum

Orlando da Silva – November 1992

GUITA SOIFER is an artist who likes to face challenges, restless and not satisfied with simply living with the rules and techniques received from the past. Therefore, when practicing engraving she decided to question the normal edition that is used in this process. The always equal printing of each copy, although limited to a certain number, was not accepted as a permanent conduit of the edition. Here, in these exposed prints, Guita Soifer uses the same matrix with different applications of thin paper, using color as an element to form the image. It is in this way of continuously rethinking the image that the artist manages to live dynamically with it, and even if possible, to have a new act of creation with each printed copy. See and analyze, because it is necessary to submit to your examination the truth that you bequeath it, only in this way can we reformulate it, give it new life, not let it die. This must happen with technique, with art and with life.