Banestado Londrina Art Gallery

Fernando Calderari

Between the phases of creative development, there is a very important condition in Art, intuition; it appears as if it were another sense, beyond the natural ones; it is revealed in Guita Soifer’s engravings and drawings in this exhibition.

Everything happens around this sensitive and inherent aspect of the execution process: in its conception, not ordered as it commonly happens: in Guita Soifer’s work it is very visible and remarkable.

It shows a search and an emerging result of a path very difficult to detect, but not so difficult to understand and configure; Guita configures.

The practical and objective result of this procedure and the sum of all the specific values of the Drawings’ Engraving, that is different paths but with positive and personalized results.

Everything is essentially intuitive in the work of Guita.

Besides these very visible values in her work, there is also a stubborn search to find the conventional means to make her drawings and engravings that do not conflict with each other, although the intuitive always prevails.

The sum of these procedures, plus the willingness to do, and the constancy of the work results in a pure, practical, spontaneous and sensitive result leading in the execution a content proper to those who carefully manage the journey. It is up to the public to consider, verify without haste and analyze in this exhibition that there is a world inside and outside her work, a world that Guita Soifer tries to configure not objectively but in a very subjective and personal way this natural consequence of her intuition, which exists, and overflows in her work in this exhibition.