Objects of melancholy

Portão’s Cultural Center // November, 2005

With photography, the value of worship starts to decrease, when compared to the value of an exhibition. However, the cult value is not delivered without offering resistance. Its last-ditch is the human face.

Walter Benjamin, in his historical-philosophical theories, argued against the idea of a linear History, which only recognizes the History of the winners, in favor of a “historiography of remembrance”. The act of remembering would take care of the “memory of the nameless”, those who left no trace, guaranteeing their survival.

Time has always been a subject for Guita Soifer. The time of life, which is also the time of death; the time that overcomes all beings and things without distinction, but also incarnates in the way that people and things overcome each other.

In this sense, the current exhibition by Guita Soifer is and is not an autobiographical exhibition. Still, as has been said, if your unique meditation about time works as a stairway to the universe, by its nature, and it needs a ground on which it can rest.