Paintings of Elizabeth Pisani and Guita Soifer

Walter de Queiroz Guerreiro

The exhibition of Elizabeth Pisani and Guita Soifer at Shopping Mueller will allow the public in Joinville to have an opportunity to manage the work of two excellent artists, as for recreation at any time of the day. The Lascaux Art Gallery opens this exhibition on the 18th at 8 pm, remaining until the 31st this month.

These artists represent two very different types of contemporary painting: Elizabeth Pisani is one of the most recent expressions of Realism as a pictorial school, a movement rooted in Edward Hopper’s painting in the 1930s. In Brazil, mostly Curitiba, its exponent is Ruben Esmanhoto who conserves the metaphysical climate through an unreal luminosity. In Porto Alegre, Ivan Gomes Pinheiro Machado also works with architectural realism, focusing on hyper-real and pop-art. In this exhibition, Pisani visualized the Joinville houses, the half-timbered houses, the typical landscape, in ten oils on wood.  The artist’s treatment of vegetation, with flat greens and the simplification of form on flat surfaces, takes us to Bruno Lechowski, a great artist of the Bernardelli group, in the thirties. Pisani’s work is between realism and hyper-realism; they are moments recovered from memory, approaches Mario de Andrade’s “accidental tourist”.

In another aspect of art, Guita Soifer presents five large oil paintings. Guita is one of the most complete artists in the current national art scene, with a vast curriculum of exhibitions, participation in Bienales abroad, significant prizes such as the Miami Art Critics Association, a special reference of the Santos Bienale jury, as well her works are in collections of the largest Brazilian museums.

She worked with equal quality in engraving, watercolor, and oil painting, seeking in the synthesis of form to discover the ultimate meaning of the world, through the sign to find the definitive way to translate the world into an image. This search for painting today translates into gestural painting, within the abstract expressionism, with roots in the New York school, recalling Hans Hartung and the 80’s generation with Fábio Miguez. However, this painting today preserves the action, has the counterpoint of the color worked, and reworked in a solution of high plastic and aesthetic refinement.

Finally, an unmissable show.