Engravings in Asunción

Lívio Abramo

The first time I have seen Guita Soifer’s engravings was just one day before the opening of her most recent exhibition at the Gallery of the Center for Brazilian Studies in Asunción.

I must say that I only saw the twenty works exhibited in Asunción, but in any case, I can also say that I have an idea of what is in Guita Soifer’s work of art, so I can make this presentation.

First of all, Guita has an excellent mastery of the engraving technique on metal, enough to allow her a bigger audacity for solutions in which, the artwork, has a final effect that requires an intense measure of expressiveness. There are engravings that the work’s density and expressiveness are not related to the artist’s emotions. Shyness, perhaps, because in other work, which form and content are perfectly at the level of the emotion that created them- especially in the beautiful and perfect works in which Guita increases the strength of strong water in a unique sensitivity of the soft varnish. In these last works, Guita Soifer finds the way to a full and convincing capacity of expression that uses the three fundamental techniques of engraving on metal: perhaps her sensibility demands the utmost that the technique can give to the power of express the most beautiful way she does several of her jobs.